About Me

I help you align to your God-given purpose and your unique blueprint for living your best life

megha bradley

Hello! I’m Megha

Life Transformation Strategist and Soul Healing Facilitator
I help you to identify the strategic path to fulfilling your purpose and ultimate abundance. Whether it’s for your personal path or as a part of the strategic creation of the business or healing practice that will allow you to monetize your gifts, I have the experience and the skills to help you materialize the ideas into reality.

I am an experienced entrepreneur with over 24 years of experience in every aspect of running a business including marketing, business automation, team building, product development and more AND I am a seasoned spiritual healer in both energetic and physical modalities of healing and transformation.
What I come with to serve you is real life experience. A story of perseverance, faith and ultimately transformation. I bring to you proof of the incredible potential of not succumbing to life’s circumstances andinstead reframing the story as you see fit.
I’ve built a lean business from the ground up to a high five figure monthly revenue with multiple locations and staff members. 

I’ve navigated the product development and operations of multi-million dollar revenue organizations through process mapped, project management and operations strategy.  And for the 3rd year in a row I am thriving in the top 10% of revenue earners as a woman owned business in the United States. 

I’ve facilitated healing and live redevelopment for clients struggling to reclaim their happiness after divorce, death of a loved one, financial collapse and more to come back with incredible vibrance and meaning to their lives.

My ideal clients are ambitious individuals or leaders of organizations who are driven to want to “live full out” – honestly – the meek and the shy are not those who I serve best. My true joy is helping people who long carried burden, frustration and circumstances that they KNOW are not the real story of their most abundant life. 

My Approach & Values

I believe that your ability to transform circumstances and achieve what you desire is rooted in your commitment to stand in the discomfort and the unknown long enough for change to occur.

My approach is to listen closely and deeply to what you say. I am gifted at noticing patterns and cycles of behavior, thought and action. I use this as my unique ability to leverage my highly intuitive gifts in a way that is tangible and practical. I am a constant investigator and student of life and everyone around me. This helps me support you better as a facilitator. Not much escapes my view and as a result my clients benefit from that dynamic insight and guidance whether I am mapping out a business process with you or if I am tracking down a pattern of generational family trauma rooted in your DNA.

My have a deep faith in God that informs all that I think about and participate in. I am a non-denominational follower of Jesus who believes that we walk and touch the world as an extension of God’s love.  That we are in a world full of confusion and deception and that it is our birthright and obligation to live into the discernment of our choices and actions every waking day. 

My Experience

  • 10 years as a massage therapist and instructor serving chronic pain and dis-ease clients
  • 18 years project management, process improvement and software development
  • 7 years as a coach and life transformation facilitator
  • Corporate HR administration

My Certifications and Training

  • Certified Advanced ThetaHealing®  Facilitator
  • Certified Basic DNA ThetaHealing®  Instructor
  • Certified Passion Test Facilitator
  • Scientific Hand Analyst
  • Human Design and Gene Keys Training
  • College degree in Behavior Sociology
  • Masters degree in the School of Hard Knocks and Life Experience 😉 – my most valuable training

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

"Okay, so I can’t do all the technology details myself, but after working with Megha I understand that it can work for me and I understand when to ask for help. With Megha, I know that help is there, in a brilliant and caring coach that not only gets me, but gets technology and how to combine my talents with the technology at hand to make the difference that I want to make for my clients and in the world."

DeAnne Pearson

"My whole life people have made me feel like I was going crazy! Once Megha showed me my Human Design reading it made me realize that I can be okay with myself and understand why and how I act the way I do ... and that helps me make better choices"

Angela L. 

"Megha was referred to me for ThetaHealing®. I was not familiar with this modality & though skeptical, I decided to have faith & make an appointment. I had been struggling financially & it was a constant weight of worry, not knowing if I was a month or two away from being homeless. I have my own business and was having a hard time with steady income. What a great session! Highly recommend! Since my session, my business has improved, I received news that income will be coming in from another source, and I won $100,000 on a scratch-off ticket. Strange thing was I don’t buy scratch-offs usually, but something told me to buy one $20 ticket. I almost didn’t listen, but the angel in my head was persistent. I’m finally listening again. So grateful!!"

Teresa K. 

Contact Me

Ask a question or curious about booking an appointment leave a message below. If you need mental health support please contact a licensed mental health professional in your area or if you or anyone you know is experiencing thoughts of suicide call 800-273-8255


Located in Nashville TN Metro Area but I work with clients all over the world