The proven formula to accessing your blueprint to money based on who you are

Welcome my BC Stack friends! I'm excited to share this incredible course that empowers you to add finesse to your business strategy and your life by understanding how to access your unique genius. 

Here's what you'll learn in this 

5 Part Course

Understanding YOUR GENIUS (decoding your primary skills in your Human Design)
Understanding YOUR MONEY BELIEFS (to empower your ability to receive more)
Understanding WHO YOU SERVE (and communicating with them)
Understanding HOW TO OFFER what you do in the most light weight way based on your personal blueprint
Understanding WHAT YOU NEED to run a lean, efficient, adaptable business

About Megha Bradley

As a Business & Life Transformation Strategist she masterful at helping solo entrepreneurs and small corporate leadership teams understand how they each “tick” so that they can make better decisions about how they interact with others, how to communicate more effectively and how to reposition their primary offering in a way that creates deeper trust and confidence.

She has over 26 years experience as a business owner in a variety of industries including wellness, digital marketing and software as a service. 

When she works with her clients, they often:
- increase their revenue model by streamlining offers
- improve their communication skills personally and professionally through self discovery
- revise their business offerings to be specific to their gifts so they stop selling things that are boring and uninspired

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