Whoops! I'm rebranding AND constructing a new website and you got here in time for all the dust, buzz saws and scaffolding.


Are you ready to shine your light in the world?

My name is Megha Rodriguez. I help mission driven entrepreneurs blaze a trail and leave a legacy online so that they can shine their light in the world. I'm a passionate about working with people with big vision and the mindset to transform vision into reality. Procrastinators, complainers and day-dreamers need not apply. As an entrepreneur for over 16 years, I've accumulated a lot of knowledge in every area of running a business that I use to help my clients master their destiny (one of the big perks of being a control hound thinking you have to do it all yourself....luckily I'm recovering from that!) What I do is work with you to create an online voice, social media strategy and overall platform for your message that makes you excited to wake up in the morning. Lord knows if YOU aren't excited about what you are doing, you surely will not motivate the world to be excited either!

Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your understanding about the construction zone. I have helped lots of people with their own stuff and have what I like to refer to as "bare-foot cobbler syndrome". That nagging condition when you work on your clients' needs more than your own.


Foncused about social media?

Not that's not a misspelling - that's how many people feel about social media. A little discombobulated and not sure what to listen to! Join me weekly for my free 30 minute highlights and tip sheets on navigating the social media landscape.  Get Access Now!


Ready to go bigger?

I'm excited to be a sponsor at one of the premier business events in the country.  Consider joining me and hundreds of entrepreneurs in Orlando, May 27-30.

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I'm also giving my guests a big perk which includes a 2 month complimentary mastermind on making the most of big events for your social media influence. If you register, forward me your receipt at happy -at- meghasuccess.com and I'll make sure you get the VIP treatment.

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